Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to Use Hair Irons

The latest trend is shiny, straight hair and most of us wish to obtain that will the least fuss possible. The easiest (although somewhat time-consuming) is use of a hair straightener. How you use a flat iron is crucial to the results, so it’s important to use it properly.

Here are simple instructions,and useful tips to help you achieve the straight-haired look you see many celebrities enjoying.


1) It’s crucial that you begin with clean hair. Wash it thoroughly and towel dry. To cut down on frizz, add some anti-frizz solution to your damp hair and use your fingers to distribute it, adding more to the ends and less at the roots.

2) Blow-dry your hair on low setting until it is completely dry. If your hair dryer has a cool setting, use it. It may take longer to dry but this will also reduce frizzy hair and add shine.

3) If you have thick hair, use clips to section off your top layer(s). After testing the temperature of the flat iron, begin on the underneath layer in two-inch sections, working your way from the roots to the ends. Keep the iron moving at all times to prevent kinks. Generally, you should move the iron quicker the closer you get to the ends as they require less heat. If you desire, you can flip the ends over or under, depending on your preference.

4) Set your style with hairspray. Do not spray before you’re finished or you will get product build-up on your appliance.

5) When your flat iron is cool, clean it for the next use. Do not immerse in water. Read the instruction manual for usage and cleaning before you get started.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kiss Me Baby!

Lip Care

Your lips are one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Therefore you need to protect them all year round.

Burning lip
Just like you need sun protection for your face & body, you need sunscreen for your lips too. As lips do not tan but they burn. This is especially necessary if you use gloss, as lip glosses attract sun rays. So invest in a chap stick that contains sunscreen & smooth it over your lips everyday before you step into the sun.

Soft lip
To keep your lips soft & pink, mash rose leaves. Mix it with butter. Apply it on lips.

Pink lips
Mix fresh curd with mustard oil. Apply it on lips.

Chapstick natural
Mix 48gms coconut oil, 24gms castor oil, 30gms white wax, 12gms olive oil. Wax should be hot. Fill them in a bottle. Apply it on lips every night. Lips will be soft always.

Pink lip
Mix one spoon cucumber juice, one spoon lemon juice & pinch turmeric. Apply it on lips.

Exfoliate your lip

Dry cells accumulate on your lips & the goop which settles at the corners of your lips can be quite gross. To get rid of this problem, exfoliate your lips once in 15 days. With a baby toothbrush & your toothpaste, gently rub your lips devoting about five seconds to the upper one & about two to the lower. Then rinse the foam off & rub in a little lip balm.

Cream lip

Before you smuggle into bed at night, rub in some lip cream. The rich creamy texture is sure to get your lips all soft & supple the next morning.

Chapped dry lip
To avoid chapping of lips use almond oil regularly for a month it will disappear!

Lip care product
If you are using a moisturizing product on the lips, it will probably increase the rate your lips lose skin cells. If you stop using the product, your lips will continue to lose skin cells at the accelerated rate for a few more days. This might make you think you can't quit using the lip product. Hang in there, you are not addicted. In a few days the cell loss rate will slow down, then the dry feeling and the flakiness should end.

Cheap lipstick
If you buy cheap lipstick, use 2 layers of lip liner.

Exercise lip
Here is an exercise that will give your mouth a younger, firmer and fuller look altogether! The Lips get enlarged and the lines above the upper lip smoothen.

You can do it while sitting up or lying down.

The Exercises
. Hold your lips together, without clenching your teeth.
. Put the tip of your index finger in between your upper and lower lips.
. Press lips together and visualize your finger as a stick that is being crushed.
. Gradually, pull out your finger from between the lips, while seeing the stick.
. Draw the energy point out and lengthen your imaginary stick until you feel the burn.
. Pulse your finger up and down quickly for a count of 30.

Plump lip:
Do the pout exercise twice daily to plump up thin lips.

Highly Recommended product for those wanting fuller, poutier, sexier lips without surgery!...

Lip piercing
Kids who want to be stylish get tattooed or pierced without there parents knowledge rarely think about medical implications. "Approximately 30% of those who get pierced experience an adverse reaction. The most common is infection".
Piercing gun an instrument that uses pressure to embed the metallic piece in the skin. Because of their design and the materials used to manufacture them, these guns can't be completely sterilized. In addition in most cases the pieces of jewellery that are attached are not made with suitable materials, this results in infection.
This type of piercing however can bring on more serious problems such as an adverse reaction to the material from which the piece of jewellery is made, damage to important nerves, warts, keloid scars (collagen excrescence), Herpes or even transmission of the Hepatitis C Virus. When piercing are done in the mouth there is a danger of breaking a tooth, choking, puncturing a nerve or even speech impairment.
"Piercing involve puncturing of the skin. If they are done without adequate hygiene or with defective techniques, they are clearly an assault on persons health.
Some people had to literally tear out there skin to get rid of the tattoo he had on his lip.

Red lip
Mix saffron in butter, apply it on lips. Lips will become red.

Dry lip
If your lips become dry than apply cow's milk ghee on lips regularly for 3-4 days, every morning & evening.

Lip line
Apply cream of curd on lips before sleeping, if there are lines on your lips.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How to look good in camera

Are You Photogenic?

Yes, it is possible to make friends with the camera. Photographers, fashion designers, make-up artists and models all know the tricks of the trade. Everyone doesn't have that luxury, so we've got some handy tips to help you manipulate the outcome.

It's no surprise that those who don't like to have their pictures taken are the same people who feel they are not photogenic. Most of us can remember a time when we saw a picture of our self and wished we had looked better.

It's usually an important event, such as a wedding, birthday, reunion or public appearance when we can't avoid the camera. However you look at it, you're going to have your picture taken -- so it's best not to put up a fuss.

Put your Best Face Forward

Practicing good hygiene is not only good for your photos, it's good for your self-confidence. Show up with clean hair and flawless make-up. To reduce facial shine, try LancĂ´me Photogenic Foundation (oil-free formula) for great coverage and a matte finish.

Never try new makeup for the first time on the day of a photo shoot, unless a professional is hired to apply it. For indoor pictures, you may need to apply your eye shadow, blush and lipstick a little heavier than what you're accustomed to. Take them along in your handbag for quick touch-ups.

If you're teeth are getting a little bland, have your dentist whiten them up -- or plan ahead and use a home teeth-whitening kit for a dazzling smile. Keep in mind that orange and coral lipsticks have a tendency to make your teeth look yellow. If this is an issue, stick with pink, plumb or rose shades.


The more poise you have, the more likely you are to look natural and show your best smile. The most attractive pictures are a result of someone who is comfortable around the camera and knows exactly what they want. This can be learned.

It's all in the Pose

Most people have a "good side" and a "bad side." If you haven't noticed this, you're lucky. However, by taking a close look at yourself in the mirror, you will probably discover that one side looks better. Maybe it's a scar on your face or the way your hair falls. When you learn which side looks better, you can angle yourself so that your best side is prominent. If you're posing for a casual group photo, be the first up there so you can choose your spot.

Accentuate your best features and pose your body in such a way to hide your flaws. You may feel silly, but you can practice posing in a full-length mirror. Rest assured, you're not the only one who has taken this approach.

Practice good posture. Sit and stand up straight. Present yourself with pride and it will be evident in the pictures. How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you.

If you're having your pictures taken outdoors, avoid direct sunlight and don't squint. Unless it's a scheduled event such as a wedding, don't hesitate to reschedule an outdoor photo shoot if the weather isn't favorable. Rain, clouds and wind can ruin your chances before you've even begun.